How I Convert a score from Ultimate Guitar to midi & import into Cubase

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Cubase and the Steinberg forum so i am not sure what is discussed here. However, I came across something really cool to assist with the score editor, midi and also music theory.

I am a member of Ultimate Guitar (pro subscription) and was curious if i could upload the pdf score from UG into Cubase. I worked out that this isnt possible, however… i worked out you can obtain most songs in guitar pro format, convert to midi, drop it in Cubase… and as Dom would say “BOOM”.

If you have UG pro membership you can download Guitar Pro Tab transcriptions in .gp format. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see the download button. Best to do this on the computer rather than phone app version. As i couldnt see the download button on the app.

Once you download the .gp file you can convert to midi. I dont have guitar pro, so i downloaded the free MuseScore3 and loaded the score into it. Choose which score track you want (i.e. guitar, bass, synth etc) or all and go to export under the file tab an choose to export to midi. This is really helpful or a newbie like me as i get to understand the music thoery in my midi im creating. It can also help get ideas for melodies etc.

Cubase astounds me every time i use it. This DAW is an absolute beast and so musical. If all beat makers and music producers had Cubase they would never be ripped off by those midi packs and melody makers, ever. With the power of Chord assistant and now this to assist with melody and chord understanding you have everything you need.

Enjoy, and blessings

Hi Aaron, welcome to the wonderful world of Cubase!

I don’t have UG but I do have Guitar Pro. As well as MIDI files, it’s also possible to export MusicXML from GP and import it into Cubase. Depending on what you need, sometimes one might work out better than the other.

This is exactly why I’ve stayed with Cubase over the years.

Thanks MrSoundman, i can see that export oprion in MuseScore, i will check it out. :+1:t2: