How I fixed the "Crash On Export Audio" problem

You guys may already know this… putting it up in any case.

So I have a session with 32 tracks spread out over Instrument and Audio Tracks. Most tracks have inserts on them… different inserts. Every time I try to mix down the audio to a WAV or mp3 file, cubase 8 crashes.

First I tried freezing all tracks with inserts on them… no go.

Then I tried soloing each track and exporting them to find out where the problem lies… still no go… Cubase just wont export anything down.

I also tried removing the inserts on the master bus… still to no avail.

Until finally, I selected all parts in the session and Rendered them into place. It took a lot of time because there were over 400 parts in the session. But eventually, I had all parts laid out in renderred audio in the session. I deleted all the original parts and then tried to mixdown.

It works just fine now.

Thank God for render in place.


Hey beanstalk40, more than 4 years later I’d like to say thank you! I’m with the very same problem and this post saved my useless Cubase 10 Pro.

I’ve never had this bug until I recently installed Cubase 10.5. Since then, export fails either at the beginning, but mostly towards the end.
At first I thought it’s a plug-in thing, because I’m using the new SINE player from OT tools, but it isn’t. How I know? Because I still have Cubase 9.5 on my system and within Cubase 9.5 the project loads and exports the audio perfectly fine.

So, Steinberg, please get down on it ASAP!

I froze my OS system, platform and my cubase at 6.5.5 for various reasons.
So if this helps for newer versions, I just quit cubase then deleted the .csh file that sits in the same project folder next to the main .cpr file.
I then ran cubase and re-opened the project file : blahblah.cpr
It fixed the issue.