How I supercharged my workflow

Dear fellow Doricians,
Most of you probably know that — although maybe not how much precious this information is. In a very large project (24MB, 375 pages, full orchestra, choir, 27 flows opera score), it can take my computer ( 2019 16" MacBookPro with 32GB Ram) up to 2 minutes to go from galley view to page view (condensing is on). But there’s an obvious solution that works remarkably well: I open a new window and place it on my second screen, have a galley view on one screen, an Engrave mode view on the other, and no more wasted time swapping from one view to another. Every edit is almost instantaneous. Amazingly fast compared to the “one window” workflow. I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning it.
PS: to the dream Team, if you manage somehow to make that galley view to page view change faster, it will be certainly appreciated, when there’s only one screen :wink:


Good one.

There was a discussion last year I think on speeding up view switching. I suggested pre-rendering all the views in the background as the only solution I’m aware of, but anyhow I don’t know if anything has been done in that area. In D4 is seems like view switching is faster but that’s just my anecdotal feeling.

Oh I remember, that discussion was about switching Modes, not views (Galley->Page View). Yeah I do think the mode switching is faster, but view switching would be a good one too.

You can still use 2 windows with a single screen. You just can’t see both at the same time unless you have a large monitor.


Mode switching is nowhere near the real pain (when both modes are in page view of course) it is to wait between one and two full minutes switching views — the only way to manipulate dynamics or notes on a condensed score. Those two windows is the real solution.

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I generally do this kind of thing in tabs, in one window (on a laptop).


Thanks, this is a very good idea. One that I will certainly use! I think I remember there’s a way to navigate through tabs, it will be so more efficient than switching views!