How is GA5 on an M1 Mac?

I’m still rocking my 2010 Mac Pro and Groove Agent 5 runs great. I’m thinking of picking up a Mac Mini at some point but my main concern is running GA5 since the drum samples are my bread and butter.

Anyone using GA5 on an M1 system? Does it run ok?



SERIOUSLY? Has NOBODY used GA5 on an Apple Silicon machine?? I need to buy one, but I also need to know if the software works, and so far nobody is reporting on it!

Might be of some help … check it out M1 Pro Max MacBook Pro... pro studio ready? - YouTube

Somewhat helpful, thank you. Cubase seems to run fine. Maybe that indicates that GA5 will run fine as well.

I still can’t believe nobody can pop in for a quick “yes it works” or “no it’s hot garbage.” SOMEBODY has to be using GA5 on an M1.