How is intro rhythm to Hendrix Crosstown Traffic annotated?


(If I’m allowed to link to youtube please LMK)

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to write the tempo of that intro down, and how those snare hits would be annotated, and that brief 1/2 second between the snare hits and the song proper …

Is the intro rhythmically related to the song proper at all? Are each of those intro double snare beats simply two beats of a triplet, or …? Is the intro at a different tempo than the song itself?

I’m totally entranced by it, and would love to understand it better …

A little help please, if you could/would … Thank you! :grinning:

This is from the official Jimi Hendrix youtube channel, so I’m guessing it’s ok to link to here (apologies, and please take down if not)?

First five seconds … how would that rhythm be written out, in terms of where the snare hits are in a measure of ? time signature, ? tempo?

And is that space between the intro snare hits and the song itself a part of the intro, part of the song proper, or neither (in terms of the tempo and time sig of each)?

Thanks for any help!


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Something like this maybe?
Maybe the sixteenth notes are supposed to be barred? Tempo is about 103 I think. I think it’s called a hemiola? I’m not a music theorist!


Yes, thanks @Early21 , that seems to work! I find it impossible to count out, it is so fast and unusual. And thanks for pointing me to that word “hemiola”!

What do you think about the transition between the intro and the song proper? That’s challenging for me to understand as well!

I think the intro plays over two bars of 4/4, and the song starts on the first beat of the third bar. That last snare hit in the intro is hit hard, and it occurs on “4-and” (last eighth note of the second measure). This hemiola pattern is repeated quite a few times in the song, always taking up two bars. I had said before I thought it was around 103 BPM, but now I think it’s closer to 108BPM. The intro is at the same tempo as the rest of the song.

I love everything Hendrix, by the way! Electric Ladyland is one of my favorite albums!