How is iOS version working?

Now that the android version is discontinued (such high standards! :wink:, how is the iOS working for everyone?

Work fine here with ipad 3

Me too with iOS 8 / iPad Air and a Yosemite Mac Mini with Cubase 7.5

Just about to update to CB 8 Pro

I hope that whichever poor souls were having to navigate the incredibly fragmented android landscape can be released to give the iOS version some attention.

I feel sorry for the Android users. I’ve been on the sticky end of too many product discontinuations to count … but I raised my eyebrows when I saw the ‘available for android’ announcement wondering how on earth SB could possibly provide a reliable app for a platform that evolves and changes every day with new new models each tweaked by their respective manufacturers. So I’m not even vaguely surprised…

I would hope that SB could at least give a free cross grade to the iOS version if any of the invested Andriod customers decide to switch to iOS. Right now it’s the only choice that stands a chance of providing real tools … and even then some days I’m tempted to use my iPad as a frisbee!

Good to hear. Too bad about the Android version. But I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with my Ipad.