How is it possible to sell 559€ half finish product ?

I ask steinberg support about a feature that exist in evey DAW in the world : PAN your midi on a sampler track and they told me it is not possible ! WHY ? HOW ? WHY ?

I bought a 559€ product and a basic feature like this is not even possible ? WTF ?

I just want to PAN my drum within the midi editor but it seem to much to ask ! IT NEVER WORKS ! WHY ???

Unless they update the sampler to react to Midi CC(10) pan messages then the main problem here is that Cubase has no region/clip automation either. So your only choice is to automate via the main timeline. So while it can be done, it’s not great for elements that you want to loop across the project - which i’m guessing is your frustration? and i agree with it.

Region/clip automation needs to be added really, but i appreciate it gets hard to handle with that and timeline automation clashing. But most other DAWs do it fine.

On a helping hand,would this be of any use to you? :-