How is Windows 1903 Going for You?

Well like most people, I just got the 1903 update of Windows.

I haven’t noticed any issues in Cubase yet but I’m renovating my studio right now so I’m not doing any heavy sessions this week.

Any plugins not working for you after the update or any issues that you think is related to the update?

Or is all good for you?

All good here.

I had some latency spikes since 1903… there was an update on windows update yesterday and now it is smooth sailing (KB4505903) - only problem after the update is Sonarworks Systemwide is broken. Will not let you play any sound or video on the internet

0 problems so far. Plus, thanks to the “FLS Slot Limit Increase”, I can use a lot more plugins, than before. And this makes me a happy panda :slight_smile: Highly recommenced update, if you tend to work with a high track count sessions, that use many unique plugins.

I had to update the Babyface, elicenser and ilok drivers + re-authorise a handful of plugins. Also, some file associations were lost. But the one big issue was that 1903 wiped my “My Pictures” folder. This is a known, albeit rare, issue, so if you have assigned a new location for any of these “special” folders (My documents etc), make a backup before updating. I was super-lucky, since I swapped out my doc-HD the week before. I could restore 99.9% of the content from the old one.

Major issue #2 was that the update killed my nvidia drivers, reverting to the default drivers for gfx. At first I didn’t notice it, but quickly understood what had happened when every plugin window took 10 secs to open. Reinstalling the geforce drivers fixed it.

Otherwise all now runs smoothly, on two systems.


Some info about the latest update…

Regards :sunglasses:

In my case the magic mouse 2 start to work erratically on Cubase after the 1903 update so i switch back to a microsoft mouse.

Holy smokes. That’s really quite disruptive. Anyone else experiencing similar problems??
For safety’s sake I think I’ll hold off the 1903 update for now!

Good here but MS keeps adding additional updates, maybe 1 every 3 days so I think things are still getting sorted regarding 1903. If you have a fast processor with multi cores and plenty of fast ram I think you will be fine overall.

Funny thing, speaking of new updates I just installed the new cumulative Win10 file (KB4504903 - as mentioned above) and it REALLY DOES improve my LatencyMon numbers. I guess MS is on top of things…

I just ran the update. Apart from taking hours (on an i9 with m2 SSD and 64GB RAM) now it complains about eLicenser not having permissions. But I use a dongle (Cubase pro). Yay

Reinstall the elicenser software and you’re good to go.



Hopefully that won’t mess up my Dorico eLicense

Actually I just ran eLicenser as admin and did maintenance and that seems to have resolved things.

Well with every kind of these updates, Soundblaster Zx fails sets to speakers (easy to fix).
With all audio software W1903 is ok.
Tough in Windows Messages i get annoiing message that repeats itself, somethink about the Messaging of Windows.
Classic SHell works, but has a block message by windows, press OK and its OK.
ASIO is great.
Oh yeah, and at first ALL Dongles USB where out (not reconised).
Reinstall Elicenser… now is ok.

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Just reporting to say I’ve updated to 1903, and no problems so far.

Just simply reinstalled the E-licenser and everything’s good to go. All plugins still working so far, no need to re-authorize any of them.

AND, my projects seem to be opening alot faster than before! Sweet.

my first attempt on 1903 a couple of weeks ago was a disaster with ntoskrnl.exe giving spikes and dropouts.
So I went back to the 1809 version which worked just fine for me.

When I read here about the DCP fix of Microsoft I decided to do a second install of the 1903 update and indeed there has been a fix because it runs perfect now. The LatencyMon.check reads no errors at all.

I did not need to fix anything, the Dongle or I lok, nothing. I noticed that my CPU-usage in Cubase is a also lower than before. So I am happy (for now…)

All good here too!

Just to confirm Sonarworks system is broken after Windows KB4505903 update
The vst plugin version is fine.
Roll back to a time before KB4505903 and all is back to normal
Uninstalling KB4505903 was not good enough it had to be a restore from a backup.

Later Edit Roll back the Sonarworks software to Version and everything works fine.


They just released Version It seems to have sorted that problem and systemwide does not crash now.

I never had a sample rate problems with Cubase. Whenever I had the wrong sample rate on my converter/rme hdspe card than the project sample rate, Cubase always alerted me. With the new version of Windows, Cubase suddenly didn’t recognize any sample rate changes and was playing all projects at 44.1k. I went into Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound-> Playback-Properties and un-checked the option to “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”, and at least Cubase now runs at the correct project sample rate, though I checked if it would alert me to a sample rate change and it doesn’t. I am speculating, but I just bought Sonarworks and did the measurements at 44.1K. I’m wondering if Sonarworks/Windows/Cubase combo made Cubase stay at 44,1K, until I un-checked the option to “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”. I have no other reason why it would suddenly default to 44.1K on all projects in Cubase and not respond to any sample rate changes by my converter/hdspe card.