How it this acceptable?

How is it acceptable that version 8.5 is completely unusable on macOS Catalina? And don’t tell me that it’s not possible because we all know that’s not true.

I father worked hard to be able to buy me a copy of this with some plugins. I worked hard in university to be able to afford a decent computer that could run it sufficiently.

Now, you’re telling me that my $700+ piece of software will not be supported on Catalina and I’d need to spend another few hundred dollars to upgrade. Easy cash grab for you guys but do you seriously think everyone has this kind of money? This version has everything I need. I don’t need your newest features, especially if it’ll just be unsupported a year or two unexpectedly.

I’d say it’s a good paperweight but it didn’t even come with a f’ing box. All i’ve learned from buying your products is that it’s riskier than playing the stock market or putting money into a VLT.

Seriously Steinberg, how the F is this acceptable?

Maybe I would consider upgrading to the newest version but all this does is prove that your customer support is seriously lacking, so why would I.

So what is the reason it’s not going to be supported? Whats the reason the single most expensive piece of software I own is the only piece of software that will no longer run on my computer while most other companies seem to get it right?

Cubase 8 is outdated since 4 years…

This kind of thing is frustrating - but you can’t rely on (very) old versions of complex software being available on all new OS versions forever. It may be cheaper for you to switch to Logic pro X, or go PC.