How long before you fix USB audio error issue?

I bought the UR44 C some time ago. I have had only problems with the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, causing audio glitches for VST instruments and even audio recording in Cubase 12 PRO. Having discovered that this is a big and very common problem across the UR series, I have tried to implement every possible solution to the problem described both by Steinberg and otherparties. Have even tried to set up the system all over again on a new PC from scratch. NOTHING WORKS. The USB driver simply sucks. It is even detected by Windows 11 as not compatible, this when you implement the Microsift software for troubleshooting. Today I unplugged the UR44C, reinstalling my old, cheap SubZero SZ-A12. It runs completely smooth. No glitches at all. How long before you folks decide to solve this shitty problem once and for all? Stop “eating donuts” and get to work. This is nothing but a scandal. It must be possible to solve this with Microsoft. So many people disappointed with you out there. When you buy an integrated hardware solution from Steinberg itselv, you expect it to run smooth. Period.

This is not the case at all. What makes you think so?

Seriously? Donuts?

Post some info that can help us help you troubleshoot, and maybe you can solve your problems.

I’ve been using a UR44c on Windows 11 since Windows 11 came out without any problems.

Just for your info, this is a user forum and not Steinberg support. So if you want some help, try to calm down.

What release? I’m using the UR44C and it works without any issues.

So what about writing some more details, instead of simply ranting. I’m using the latest Windows 11 (no Insider release) and there is no complaint from Microsoft at all.

I have the same problems with steinberg usb drivers. It eats a lot of CPU when for instance I’m loading a project. It eats 100% of cpu and need a minute to calm down. It glitches when I’m using VST instruments or even regular production plugins. This interface, optimilizaton and support is a disaster. I also don’t have any problems with my previous device roland ua25EX. My UR44C runs a little bit more smoothly when it uses regular ASIO4All drivers, but then Reaper and FL can’t see all inputs and outputs… DISASTER. Then don’t even answer my emails for few months. If I could i would give it back and get my money back. It didnt work for me, but u can instal different USB port drivers or change USB standard from 3.0 to 2.0 . Good luck man.

But this is not the driver that’s eating CPU.

The drivers doesn’t eat CPU, but the driver that is not optimized to work efficently with DAW, creates some bugs, some conflicts and unnecesery processing that eats the CPU only because of poorly design of the driver itself. And that’s facts in this situation. When I’m recalling the same sessions i had problems with using different interface, the problem magically disappears.

It’s better to use scientific method for troubleshooting.

I changed drivers for asio4all and problems disapeared. That was my troubleshooting. I’m not a scientist to do scientific troubleshooting. I’m not a programmer to check lines of codes. Scientific method of troubleshooting should be made by Steinberg and the support but they seem not to care. I’m just a customer. Even steinberg in their official info confirms many problem with USB connection and drivers and recommend some stuff to fix it. We as users should push Steinberg to make a drivers update insted of protecting them and blaming users for wrong troubleshooting, Last update was in march…

I understand. You might be right, you might be wrong. We will never know.

The Scientific Method doesn’t have anything to do with Cubase or programming. It’s the process of objectively establishing facts through testing and experimentation.

I’m in the session using gear with drivers, having no problem. Then I change gear on the same session and the problem appears with all the same settings like sampel rate etc. Then I change only drivers for external ones and problem disappears again, then how would you call if not troubleshooting and getting to conclusion ? And how more would you troublshoot it to get to the more detailed conclusion than “the drivers are poorly design and get in conflict with my DAW like any other device for the last 10 years” especially knowing, than in Steinberg users society URC series is known for its millions of hardware and software problems where drivers, USB connection and optimalizations is just one of many?