How long does a Support Request take?


Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes for Technical Support to respond? I’d like to know if it’s better just to call the Sevice Hotline or not?


I’m pretty sure it depends on where you are located and who is supplying the support there.

Here in the US I’ve typically had at least the 1st interchange, and often resolution, occur in 1-2 business days.

Wow. I submitted an official support request the MySteinberg 5 days ago and I still haven’t received a response. :confused:

I’m located in the US and I remember opening tickets during the C7 and C7.5 time period and actually getting PHONE CALLS from a Steinberg tech within 1-2 days… an actual phone call! I was shocked. It happened several times all the time. After 8.0 the phone calls stopped and I would only get assistance via email but it was a quick turnaround. Then shortly after 8.0 (maybe after 8.5?), my tickets never got a response. I didn’t follow up but that was over a year ago. Now it seems like the best support is from the forum unless the MySteinberg Support model got better since. I haven’t opened a ticket in over a year so I can’t say for sure.

I logged into the “MySteinberg” part of the website and submitted an official support request. Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for a long time for an answer. I’m coming up to a week with no response.

If you go to the Steinberg Facebook page, you’ll see individuals are waiting around a month after sending a support request, with no response from Steinberg.

Not sure what’s going on, but there’s no doubt that this is excessive. :frowning:

Interesting because when I said 1-2 days, that submission was a bit less than one month ago so it is current.

I’ve heard horror stories about Steinberg support. Sometimes tickets go unanswered, forever. There are definitely an unusual amount of people waiting months, sometimes several months without a reply. I myself submitted a ticket for a very basic issue that can be solved with 5 minutes of input from support, no reply yet. I’m going to call the tech support line tomorrow, I’ve heard they’re a lot better over the phone if you’re lucky enough to live in a phone supported country.

I feel your pain :wink:

I opened a support ticket (my second within the last 10 years) and except for the auto responder haven’t gotten a reply in 3 weeks. Based in Germany