How long does ity take for a license transfer?

I submitted a request for a license transfer of my Steinberg License based Cubase 12 Pro last sunday (07-07-2024). I got a message that this process would take a few working day’s, but until now (10-07-2024) I have heared nothing after that initial message. I need to have the new download/register code before 14-07-2024.

Does anyone know if there is any chance I will receive that code on time?
I had no idea it would take this long…


Cubase 12 was never using eLicenser. So the question is, what kind of license do you really transfer, please?

When I upgraded my Cubase 11 to Cubase 12, the license was automatically moved from my eLicencer to the Steinberg Licensing. In my account the eLicencer registration no longer contains any Cubase Pro version. It’s now registered under Steinberg Licencing Products.

I have submitted the transfer request and made a screenshot of that License (also as proof the license is not registered on any computer). This is all done as instructed for that License transfer (request for deactivation on my account and sending a new activation/download code to give to the new owner).

I have no complaints about the procedure, but simply wonder how long it will take. However - I must say that in the past transferring was much easier. You just gave that USB eLicencer to the new owner, and that was that. This new transfer process makes it a LOT harder.


If I understand you right, you want to transfer the license from one MySteinberg account to another one, right?

As far as I know, this usually happens within a week.

Sorry to have bothered you all. I just got the reply with code.
Anyway - Thanks a lot for taking your time to help me.
It’s very much appreciated.

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