How long does support take to respond?

I sent in a request to support 11 days ago now. I did receive an automatic response fairly promptly. However I have had no contact since. I followed up with further comments to the ticket but I am still waiting for help with the transfer of my licences to the new system from my USB elicencer.

My question is does it always take this long or should I try again from scratch?

What about some more details to describe your problem?

What product and release do you have currently and what do you want to use with the new licensing system?

Without details you won’t get a useful answer.

Thanks for the reply. I was referring to an email that I had sent to Steinberg support not to a request on here. I was trying to ascertain how long I should expect to wait for a response from them?

Independently of your support request you can also ask users in this forum and, in many cases, you can get the answer you need right here.

Just try it.

However, from your first posting I guess it has to do with the move to the new Steinberg Licensing, so just in case you haven’t seen it, here is a link to the announcment and details from Steinberg.

From what I have gathered, it greatly depends on where in the world you are located. The reason for this I believe is that Steinberg support is handled by different entities in different countries—by Yamaha (owner of Steinberg) in some countries and by retailers(!) in some.
My personal experience with Yamaha/Steinberg support in the US is that they are satisfactorily responsive. Usually within 36h.

Thanks again. Yes I have seen this info and I am aware that I need to change over my licences. This is what I am trying to do. I get so far through the process and then I get a “no transferable licence found” when there is clearly a licence on the elicencer and I use it when I start Cubase.

I tried contacting Steinberg support first as I could not find anything help on here. Perhaps my search tags were not correct.

Thanks. 36H would be reasonable. Perhaps my request has been lost for some reason. I will try again with them as well as trying a more detailed post on here.

OK, you still haven’t mentioned from what release you are trying to upgrade and what the target release is.

The message you are seeing shows up either if you have chosen a wrong upgrade, or you already have done the upgrade and just need to start the Activation Manager to enable the new license.

Again guessing, you see in the eLicenser Control Center a Cubase entry that has been marked as “Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing”. This tells you that the step is done and this can’t be done again.

I currently have version 11 & I am trying to transfer the licence to the new system. Not upgrade. I can see the licence on the USB stick and can use it to run Cubase. When I try to transfer the licence it then shows as greyed out on the stick and gives the previous message.

That is not possible, all releases of Cubase 11 and earlier will remain on the eLicenser system.

What you need to do is to upgrade to Cubase 13 (the current release) and that will use the Steinberg Licensing. You can still use Cubase 11, but it will always require the eLicenser.

Oh. OK. Wow…

Well that’s the first I’ve heard that explanation. I have read as much as I can find about this and not seen that explanation before. I did get the distinct impression that my elicencer would not work as from 2025 and that it was a TRANSFER of licence that was required. I did not understand that it would only work for an upgrade.

What about other products that I have? Do they all have to wait until I upgrade too?

Well if that’s the case then I suppose it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

You can find a complete and detailed description of what can be done and what not in the announcement, via the link I have posted above. It also contains a link to another support article where you can find the list of products and if the support the new system, or remain on the eLicenser.