How long for Steinberg support response?

Can’t install C8.5.1 So sent a support request just about 2 weeks ago, had a confirmation email but no response yet, is such a long period normal?


Unfortunately this does seem fairly normal recently.

Post details of your problem and system here…someone might be able to help.

Sent another in early Mar, still no response from either.

That can’t be normal?

Ridiculous Steinberg. :imp:

I’ll keep this thread about Steinbergs lack of support response than the issue itself Grim, Thanks. :slight_smile:

I emailed them over a month ago - no response and very stuck. Resorted to emailing again with a more concise text but I know I’m just adding to the load. They don’t seem to be dealing with this effectively at all.

What are your issues?

How funny, I was just pondering starting a similar thread…

In the interests of fairness, I’ve just checked my last few requests to Support, going back 3 years. 16, 4, 21, 12, 21, 2, 3, 27, 25 days responses (most recent last). Three acceptable; as for the rest…

It is very welcome to regularly see support people here on the forums - surely the best way of getting help. But having to wait several weeks to hear back on something that almost by definition is something that the forums can’t really help with cannot be allowed to pass without comment.

I don’t know how many people are dedicated to support, nor how many requests they have to deal with. Perhaps someone knows and would care to put this issue in some kind of context. Perhaps Steinberg would like to instigate some kind of feedback for support requests. It can be frustrating to say the least not being able to highlight unsatisfactory service and the forum isn’t perhaps the best place.

Seems Steinberg is having some problems with staff; not enough people, or maybe too many problems with their products. Their present situation is explained in detail here:
I’m sure they will correct the problem immediately after reading this thread.

Got this last week, now how long for an actual response I wonder.

"Thank you for contacting Steinberg.

Unfortunately, due to high amount of support requests, the processing of incoming emails has been delayed.

I’m sorry that your enquiry could not be answered within an acceptable period.

In case your concern is still current, please reply to this email.

Best regards"

I put in a support request the beginning of last year. No reply!

That doesn’t sound right. I have never had a response take more than a few days, and I recently received a response that was one business day (and it resolved my issue).