How long should i run latency mon?

My new PC is running Cubase 12.
Everything is running smooth as butter, but i thought i would try Latency Mon.
It shows that my system can handle audio.

My question is, how long should i let Latency Mon run?
I shut it off after more than an hour of running.
Anyone know how long i should let Latency Mon run?

Many thanks for any info.

One to three minutes is enough to show you whether a DAW will be running properly on your system.

I’ve let it run for 2 hrs + a few times, but I’ve decided that 4.5 mins can find most things that might cause a problem.

I normally let it run for half an hour.

Normally 3-4 mins is enough

Many thanks to every response.
It is a great feeling knowing everything is running smooth.