How make a dotted multi-tone tremolo from tuplet?

Hi, is it possible to make this with Dorico? How? (The time is 2/2)

I managed to get this, without the dots:


I suppose if you fill those bars with a hidden 6:4 tuplet, you should be able to do the same, but with the dots :wink:
Don’t forget to enter the dotted quarters with force duration on, or you won’t be able to have the multinote tremolo.

Actually, that doesn’t work. I’m not sure why, but Dorico refuses to show the dots under a tremolo, where nested tuplets are involved. It’s an old practice, not advised by modern engraving guides, but I’m hunting for a naughty workaround right now!

Super-lame, but… text tool, add a dot, turn off collision avoidance, move it around. Rinse, repeat, voila. :sunglasses:

I’ve got a better solution. Gimme 5 minutes.

This is quicker to demonstrate than to explain, so I made a video that shows my workaround:

Basically you add a new voice, select 16th/semiquavers, add a 24:8 tuplet (yeah, really). Then you can add a couple of dotted minims/half notes at the same pitches as your main notes (but with no tremolo). Then hide the tuplet brackets, the tuplet numbers, and the stems, and change the Voice Column Index so that the noteheads are superimposed. Job done.

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For the dots, just create a 12:4 tuplet in another voice, then use the voice column index property in Engrave mode to superimpose the two voices.

If you are really picky, the stems are a bit longer on the non-tremolo notes, but I didn’t bother to fix that in Engrave mode as well.

Oh well, Pianoleo got there first!

Great minds, Rob…

Could you use a hidden 12/8 time signature on the staves (Alt-Enter) and bars in question?

Kim, you can’t make a 12/8 bar align with existing 2/2 measures. There are presumably existing 2/2 measures in other players…

Thank you all for the replies, you are amazing!

Unfortunately, as I understand, the playback will not play correctly. My point is, Dorico being this incredible piece of software, it should allow us to do that without workarounds.

Will you please tell my why in the 2nd bar are there 4 dotted half notes?
If the Time signature is 4/4 or C then why 4 dotted half notes are there?

Se il Tempo è di 2/2 la scrittura di Dorico è ESATTA: di solito il gruppo irregolare (12) non deve contenere note col punto. Detto questo però, bisogna dire che, ancora una volta, MuseScore può accontentare qualsiasi richiesta immediatamente!