How many composers/music producers are using Nuendo instead of Cubase?


I am a happy Cubase Pro user. I use Cubase daily for composing and producing music for films, TV and theatre productions.
I am intrigued by the current crossgrade offer to get Nuendo 10, since it seems like a real bargain compared to the regular price.

However I am a bit scared of the fact that this will surrender my Cubase license, so that I would only be able to run Nuendo.
Especially since historically, Cubase has been marketed towards music and Nuendo towards post production. Since I am working with music for film, I fall a bit in between. I work with music production, but I am also a part of the film post process. I would love to have some of Nuendo’s functions like automatic clip detection in movies, for instance.

If I decide to make the switch:
What would kind of suck, is if Nuendo should fall “behind” on new features aimed towards composers.
But am I right in guessing that this is a thing of the past, and that Nuendo will from now on probably have all the same music related functions as Cubase, as seems to be the case right now…?

Any insight from Nuendo-based composers, on what I am missing if I choose to stay on Cubase? :slight_smile:


Differences between Cubase and Nuendo is like ProTools and ProTools HD. Same software with extended features.

Actually the real problem with Steinberg is that with each new version of Cubase / Nuendo you have bug fixes but new bugs coming. You have to wait for the new version to have the bugs solved but expect to get new ones in the meantime. It’s a pretty disturbing thing in a professional setting.

Anyway, if you write music for films, Nuendo is a good choice.

A general comment, if I may. The concerns about update cycles of software are a constant issue to many people. It’s as though their current software becomes useless as soon as another update or upgrade is available. Human Nature

That concern would be the only reason not to use Nuendo instead of Cubase if you’re doing composition and video or film post. 95% of what I do is music production, most often, without accompanying video. I use Nuendo because it has all the compositional content of Cubase, plus features that may be specialized for post but I find very useful often in music production as well.

I happily ignore all the noise and chatter about “Why didn’t I get this first” and " I paid twice as much as Cubase so this should be perfect and I should get every single feature before they do!"

Everything in Cubase/Nuendo would have been Magic From The Future not so long ago. Is waiting an extra three months for Widget X going to ruin my life? I think not. Plus everyone conveniently forgets when we get features first, never mind the features that only we get.

All comes down to priorities and being thankful for what you have. Works for me. I recommend Nuendo if you have the $$$. The difference in price between the two, as a percentage of your total set-up cost, is next to nothing. What is your time worth?

I 100% agree with your statements and share the same frustration about the sheer ungratefulness displayed online by so many users. Maybe even more so among Cubase users, since the entry level price means that is also bought by people who are not too serious about it all – but somehow feel entitled to have everything more or less for free…! And for some odd reason, some people get really MAD when a new version launches, like they have no choice but to upgrade - even though their current license will keep on working just fine!

Thanks for your input - I’m really thinking about it now! :slight_smile: I think I’ll download a 30 day demo of Nuendo, and see how it feels, and how it works with my existing Cubase projects. If transferring all my settings from Cubase requires a lot of work, I might skip it this time and do the crossgrade at a more fitting time when I’m not in the middle of five unfinished projects :laughing:


The Demo is not only 30 but 60 days
Buy the Crossgrade until 9.7. and activate it at the right time for you (maybe the grace periode of N11 or later…)