How many plugins should I expect before VST Issues?

Hey all,

In a recent thread of mine, I have had problems with slow Cubase 8.0.40 visual performance. On the face of it, Cubase 8.5.20 solves these on Windows 10 Anniversary.

However, while trying to sort that out, another problem I have noticed while mixing is that I am hitting pretty consistent VST Performance issues.

Given the specs listed in my signature, are around 100 plugins at 96kHz too much for my system?

I am used to running at 48kHz because I was forced to by old plugins, but now with those replaced, I am hitting issues.

Am I expecting too much from my computer?


That looks ok, about 100 @ 96k or 200 @ 48k on a i7 QM CPU.
Depends of what plugins and sound card/driver, and and and, but I would say that looks ok.
Try adding plugins until it starts to be audible, the you have some sort of baseline.

Thank you for the reply.

The plugins are Slate VMR and Waves (a tad Gold, fair few NLS and one convolution verb).

Im trying a Win8.1 install now to see if it helps.

I disabled all the plugs in the problem project and hit errors around half to two thirds the way through.

Sound cards tested (all same results)
Focusrite Saffire P40 and Scarlett 18i20
Internal soundcard (via ASIO4ALL)

All tested with their own ASIO driver and ASIO4ALL, no difference

I converted the project down to 48kHz and the performance meter is still fairly high, around 60%.

I switched Nvidia drivers down to ones which were meant to be good ones to go back to, March 2014 I think.

The performance meter is not very accurate, I tried on a project with around 200 plugins and the performance meter over 75%, and I could add 150 more plugins before the dropouts started. Depends on the plugins, Slate and Waves make some pretty resource hungry plugins.


I have the HDD with my previous W8.1 installation before I swapped to SSD with W10, so I will see how this goes.

Are there any sure fire ways to help the issue? Seems to me that its hardware related. All CPU bios changes have been made (speed step etc.)


The Win8.1 installation has the same problem.

Is this really fundamental CPU issue?