How many programs i can load in slots ?

I use HALion5 32 bit in a global rack in a program
After i loaded about 10 Halion symphonic orchestra programs in HAlion 32 bit i cannot load any programs in the slots, further because there is no memory anymore for the samples it seems.

How many programs i can load in HALion 32 bit ?..has this to do also with the harddrive where HAlion5 is installed
( too little room for the samples on the harddisk )
I read also about a memory limitation ?

The 32bit Operating System can only access 4GB of RAM. Less in reality as the OS uses “X” amount to run.
Once the limit is reached, that’s it.

Far as i know a os win 32 can handle 2G ram memory. That why i switch to win7 64.

I did also use win7 64…much more samples to load

Think of 32-bit addressing as a ruler with 4 billion notches, it’s the limit of the ruler, as far as it goes. It would be nice to measure more, but that’s the ruler I have in my hand, I need a replacement. :slight_smile: