How many sounds are there?

I’ve seem some different numbers of sounds in the forum.
My Halion 6 shows 4904 sounds (Factory Content).
My Halion Sonic 3 shows 4634.
Is that correct?

Could someone check, please?

Dear FKP Musik,

My HALion sonic3 also shows 4634 sounds.
I do not have HALion 6.

Best regards

I have 6133 Programs showing in Halion 6, and 5863 showing in Halion Sonic 3, although having upgraded from previous Halions, there may have been some factory content that was from Halion 4/5.

BUT: ! I have extras like Neo Soul Keys (41 programs) and Hypnotic Dance (300 programs), Dark Planet (801 programs) and Halion Symphonic Orchestra (110 programs) which I don’t recall if they belong to Halion, Absolute 2/3 or were just on their own. Neo Soul Keys and Hypnotic Dance I think were stand alone products, and I am sure Dark Planet was free with something at some point.

If you want a thorough check, then if you could list each instrument set you have and the program total for each, and I can check that

in which area are are you checking this?

my lib is not default so i cant really tell atm…

when i click in different places, I get different results

so, in my main tab, i do not have all my presets…
if anybody knows why pls speak up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. It seems I have the right number of sounds/presets. I just thought I saw the number at some time, when I was exploring the whole thing.

ggc: You check it here - bottom right, after having selected All Instrument Sets and Factory Content (and made shure, you have reset filters).
HALion 6_2017-02-12_18-52-53.png

Has anyone found how many “Number of Presets” there should be in the manual?

WOW : even SB comparison web page, does not even have an ABSOLUTE number : WHAT THE! !@#

I think 4904 ist the correct number of presets in the Halion 6 factory library. I have 5705 presets, because I have Dark Planet with 801 presets installed.

I only have 3631 sounds but I have found a file called “Additional Content” “VTS Sounds” (126 objects in it) when I upgraded from Halion 5. It could be that this file is missing in the installation somehow? and that makes my library bigger than 3631 sounds? My file in Halion 6 “VST Sounds” has 104 objects in it.


After installation, Halion 6 = Annex . jpg. I also have access to the contents HALION 5.
License H5 and H6 is USB and works all good!
Halion  6.jpg

The number I get when I select all and reset the selections is 4634 - that can’t be right. I have Dark Planet and 2 Patchpool banks, plus content from the previous version such as Auron. I didn’t leave anything out of the install so not sure what I am missing but it did strike me as strange that there is no actual Halion 6 library - just a Halion 4 one and a Halionsonic one.

Toting them up I have

All = 4634
Auron = 201
B-Box = 215
Dark Planet = 801
Halion 4 Factory Content = 270!! (can’t be right surely?)
HS2 Combis = 151
HS Factory = 1337
HS SE Basic = 135
HALiotron = 26
Model C = 102
Trium = 151
Voltage = 151
World Instruments = 150
World Percussions = 32
Raven = 26
Hot Brass = 26
Eagle = 26
Anima = 251
Skylab = 254
HS3 Combis = 101
Aureus Ventus (Patchpool) = 108
Sonic Cinema (Patchpool) = 93

What’s missing?

Just copied the entire contents of the VSTSound folder in ‘Additional Content’ (from the DMG) into my Halion VSTSound folder to make sure I have everything - rescanned - exactly the same - so I don’t seem to be missing anything that should have been installed so not clear now where the discrepancy comes from?

Halionsonic 3 shows 4161

I happened to find this thread while searching for a similar (and different) question. First, I also have 4634 presets in a new Sonic 3 install. However, I have run into a few discrepancies when accessing the presets from the various paths within Cubase 9. The most obvious is when accessing the presets from the right side Media Bay panel. If I follow the path: Instruments/Halion Sonic/HS Library, it ONLY shows categories for Brass and Woodwinds (perhaps a hundred or so presets, it doesn’t actually show a number.) I have of course reset the filters, media types, re-scanned in Media Bay, etc, etc. Still, I only see Brass and Woodwinds listed under this path. Is any one else seeing this “feature”? I’d appreciate it it if you could take a quick look. Thank you.

Regarding my post above: Solved by scouring the entirety of the computer for vstsound files (they were scattered everywhere), moving them all to one folder on a second drive, deleting all originals, and making a fresh set of shortcuts for the AppData path. Then rescanning in media bay, etc. Everything appears to be listed and sorted properly . . . at the moment.