How many Studio Sends

Has the number of studio sends in N6 been increased from the 4 available in N5?

No, studiosends have not been touched.


That is very disappointing - a big reason not to upgrade as far as I’m concerned.


Does the company have any intention of increasing the number of Studio Sends available in the future?


Originally posted in November 2012 and still no reply!

This Cue Send deficiency is even more apparent now since the introduction of the IC Pro app because many musicians now want to do their own monitor mixes and just 4 available sends simply does not cut it.

It is a very simple question for someone at Steinberg (Timo?):

Could you please tell us whether or not the company has any intention of increasing the number of Studio Sends available in the future?

Timo - I see that you are responding to posts today so how about a response to the above Simple question?

To Timo,

It would be very much appreciated if you or sombody else at Steinberg who knows what is going on would be polite and kind enough to answer the simple question posed in this thread.

If you feel that the answer can not be made public, by all means just PM the answer to me.

Best regards,

I agree this should be an easy answer. Do you have any future plans on adding more Studio Sends to the 4 of today?

I agree that it would be very nice to have at least 8 Studio Sends.



thanks for the discussion. In Nuendo 6.5 we have not increased the number of studio sends. We need to
check if this will be possible for Nuendo 7. Sorry, this is all what I can say for now, but we will put this on
our priority list.



That is very,very disappointing news indeed. The request for more Cue Sends has not been made at the last minute - Speaking just for myself, I have been asking for it for about 3 YEARS! - Why have the requests from myself and others been totally ignored for so long?

What does ‘priority list’ mean in Steinberg World? - I can not see any reason why such a request should not be possible. Under what circumstance would it be not possible to implement?

Can you please tell us what else has not been done/fixed in N6.5 and what is currently on the ‘priority list’?

Does being on that list mean that it will be implemented in the NEXT version?

I am currently so depressed about this whole ongoing N6 debacle that I feel reluctant to continue with the product, or even to continue with any Steinberg products. As Steinberg products need replacing over time, I always find myself now replacing them with products from other manufacturers.

I have been a constant user since the PRO-24 days (so I’m nothing if not loyal) but now get the impression that Steinberg no longer cares what the customers think and is not interested in meeting their needs.

What most users here want is a program that has all acknowledged bugs fixed, and a good number of requested new features added, as long as they are not ridiculous fantasies - More Cue Sends does not fall into the latter category - they are needed by many users and can not be difficult to implement.

What we do not want is a bunch of additions (with their expected bugs) that nobody has asked for.

‘Keep the customer satisfied’ is the way to go.