How many use Cubase Pro 9 on a Mac or Window system SURVEY

HI…Been reading alot of post on the forum here for the past 6 months and am wondering…How many users use Cubase Pro 9 on a window system…and how many use it on a Mac system?..from what I see there are more window users with less problems then the Mac users. Am I correct? As a user on a Mac computer I have run into my fair share of bugs…never had any problems with earlier version til now…the plugins that worked so well in Cubase 7…dont in 9…for some reason they go out of tune…pitchbend wise and no its not my controller…yes I am referring to their new 64 bit plugins…having to have to reset them in a session is a pain…trying to find them in a kontakt form leaves much to be desire…especially when you love the sound…so as a midi composer its unacceptable…they work fine in pro tools 12 and logic pro x…but I love cubase…so are most of the new users or old switching to windows as a better system?..always thought that Mac was the way to go? Options please.

You continue to refer to that pitchbend problem, which you solved, once you discovered the errant Note Expression data causing it. It seems likely that there’s something in the details that you’re missing.

Also, please note that you can make it easier to read your posts by using paragraphs and punctuation, doing that might actually help you learn what you need to solve your issues.

Pick a single issue and troubleshoot, would be my advice.

And a warning for this thread: flame wars based on Mac vs PC are not allowed here. such posts will be deleted summarily and with glee.

Also, lounged.

Yeah, that was a strange read. All the periods were grouped together.


It may seem strange (on Barry’s part) but actually it’s called “ellipses”.



No, these are just periods, typed one after the other. An ellipsis is is a punctuation mark consisting of three dots, and has meaning. The OP’s use stems from his personal aesthetic, and its meaning is left to the reader to fill in. He uses it as as comma, period, space, or paragraph mark, and the result is less clarity, and more work to read, since one must parse those characters.

The three (or more) dots … can represent a pause in a speech pattern (in theater scripts often). I use it a fair bit too. Perhaps the OP was just rambling on in textual format… like I am now… I remember a time… blah blah blah… :laughing: :ugeek:

noun, plural ellipses
[ih-lip-seez] (Show IPA)

the omission from a sentence or other construction of one or more words that would complete or clarify the construction, as the omission of who are, while I am, or while we are from I like to interview people sitting down.
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Printing. a mark or marks as ——, …, or * * *, to indicate an omission or suppression of letters or words.

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Furthermore, I submit to you, yes, maybe he’s rambling, but I do not see a single ellipsis, nor multiple ellipses :wink: there, nor did he use it for any of the functions in your definition. His uses would be in the domain of poetic license, and I have no objection as long as he has one on his dongle!

As you also must :laughing:

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To the OP: just a small thing i encountered recently.
In my system, which is very reliable normally, there was some while ago something completely bizar going on.
Every time i played any note it just started to pitch it’s way up or down to something completely unintended.
It was completely unplayable anymore, and it was very scary to notice.

I ended up sending in the master keyboard to the manufacturer, and they explained me that a pitch bend wheel is a mechanical device that is in fact like a (don’t know the word in english exactly) potention meter. They can become dirty and then they act like they have a life on it’s own since it makes contact and thus sends data depending on the situation. Even a slight touch like a trigger of a key can cause the pitch bend wheel to send some data along with it.
And that was indeed the case.

After replacing it, everything was back to normal.
So maybe there is something very simple going on that causes it.

Note: the keyboard was indeed used a lot for gigs, so it made sence that it got a bit dirty.

kind regards,