how many users on same Cubase Artist 8 license


As above stated: can I use the Cubase Pro 8 or Cubase Artist 8 on more than one computer
within the same license?

Regards Northfly

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can. This is the big advantage of the USB-eLicenser. You can instal your Cubase Artist/Pro to any count of computers. Where you plug-in your USB-eLicenser, there you can start your Cubase version.

The USB-eLicenser has to be connected always, when you operate Cubase, so you cannot start Cubase on more computers with one USB-eLicenser only.


but, if I want to run the cubase on two computers simultaneously?

Regards northfly

You need two licenses…

Exactly. And, unfortunately, there is no like “Addition license”.

That´s what I suspected…

So there has to be two separate Cubase 8 artist since I need one, & another for my Daughter.
This would be expensive with the 8 Pro-version then…