How might I best notate this

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I am trying to convey a bell like sound - where the first chord is held through the measure. But looking at it this way, it almost looks like there are 5 beats in the measure. Any suggestions on making this clearer to the player? Use all quarter notes and slur them together? Put a quarter rest in V1 before the second beat quarter notes?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Edit: just to clear up my question - it isn’t so much about how to do this in dorico (this is my notation as entered), but more about is this the best practice notation-wise to make it clear to pianists reading the chart.

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Use 2 voices, flip if needed and hide rests.

Thanks - Sorry, I didn’t make myself very clear. That is what I have done here, this is my notation.

My question isn’t how to do this in Dorico, but more about if this is the best way to do this as a notation practice for other pianists to read the chart.

thanks for your help - sorry I wasn’t more clear about what I was going for.


My inclination would be to use 2 voices on the upper staff to make the function of the “bell chords” clear, as opposed to the texture underneath. I’ve renotated the duration of some of your lower-voice chords, to match the left hand; maybe I’ve been mistaken, but this was my understanding. And I would leave all the rests as they show here, to make the layers and their function clear. Does this make sense?


Shouldn’t the chord in the treble clef be dotted like the left hand? If not you need to show rests for that voice.

That’s great. Thanks guys. Appreciate the help. This is my first chart done completely on the iPad. And, not really a ton of experience writing charts to begin with so thanks for the eyes and thoughts.


I tried to do what @Romanos401 suggested (before he said it!), and I think reserving up-stems for the bell chords clarifies the situation for the performer.

I would write it this way

Edit: Thats funny. I postet my answer and after that discovered a post of Rinaldo. It seams we think exactly the same way:)