How much audio tracks in Cubase Elements?

I built a totally new system recently , a new computer , lot of RAMS powerfull CPU and a new Steinberg UR 22 mk2. It came with Cubase Element 8 for free so I thought OK lets learn the Cubase8 mixer this way and then I will upgrade to Cubase8 Artist or Cubase Pro8. I was working with C5 before But how much audio tracks do I have with Cubase Elements please???. The unwelcome message ‘‘no more track available’’ appears quickly. It reminds me in the past when we were working on 16 or 24 tracks on tape and we needed a track and got no more (so we had to bounced some) I dont wanna work this way again… no way!!! . So please can someone tell me how much track I got now? I cannot find this information on the infos Thanks for your help.

Question 1 -How much track on Cubase Element?
2- Are you happy with Cubase Artist or you always come to a point you need more tracks?

THANKS everyone for any advice and insight

Cubase Elements 8 supports 64 midi and 48 Audio tracks. I don’t know what version you got bundled with the UR22 audio interface as that may be a restricted version ?

I believe it comes with Cubase AI - which comes free with many Yamaha and Steinberg products. It is a more restricted version of Cubase Elements.

You said the message “No more tracks available” appears quickly, so I don’t think it matters exactly how many tracks your version of Cubase allows, the answer is not enough!

The price difference to upgrade Cubase AI 8 to Cubase Artist 8 in comparison to upgrading Cubase 5 to Cubase 8 Pro is small, so if you’re worried about track limits just shell out the few extra bucks and upgrade to Cubase 8 Pro.