how much do the keypad "fast forward" and "rewind" ("+" and "-" buttons) move the green playhead?

It appears to be less than a bar, but doesn’t appear to be related to the grid resolution. Can this be controlled in a preference? It seems like it certainly would be very useful to be able to set it (for example) to ALWAYS move to the start of the next or previous bar each time I hit “+” or “-” (but just curious if this is possible, and if not if it might be added later?)
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  • D.D.

Just looking at the code, it increments by 1s. There’s also a command to nudge the position by 1 frame. I don’t know if that’s bound to a key by default though. It’s not unreasonable to think that we may add more options in the future.

Thanks for the info. Yes, that feels a bit arbitrary at present (especially since the actual amount moved in the score would therefore depend upon the actual tempo of the piece, I presume). In Logic there’s a very useful key command to advance to the next or previous bar - it would be excellent if those buttons could be optionally programmed to do something similar since it would be easier to figure out where you’re navigating to, etc. (my two cents!)

  • D.D.

You can always navigate to the next bar using the arrow keys (Ctrl+right arrow hops the selection to the start of the next bar), then use Alt+P to move the playhead to the start of the selection.

For me in PC ctrl + keypad +or - (one frame forward or backward) has been incredibly useful when scoring a film recently, it literally makes spotting a breeze. :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed, and on Mac it’s F7 and F9, for which you may need to hold the Fn key as well. You can also override these shortcuts in the Key Commands editor if need be.

Thanks - did not know that :slight_smile:

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