How much RAM can Cubase 7 use since it's 64bit now?

I’m wondering if it’s capped at 4GB or if it’s unlimited?


As much as your system allows, most PC motherboards can handle 32GB to 64GB, VSTs and cubase can use all of that if needed. I don’t like streaming soft synth patches, so I load them in memory.

Steinberg: since RAM is cheap these days, can you guys add “no streaming” option to HALION Sonic 2?

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Perhaps I am wrong on this but

I thought that was already the case when while in Halion Sonic
you go to ‘Options’ and move the ‘Disk Streaming’ slider all the way to the right
which is all ram. No disk.

This is how I have Halion Sonic configured.


OS X 10.8 can use 96GB of RAM. Software itself written in x64 can use up to ~16 million TB. I don’t know why Apple put a limit on it.

Thanks for the info, guys!

Windows 8 supports up to 192GB

I was recently in contact with a Cubase User. He has 128GB installed in his HP Z- Workstation.
Everything was working like a charm.

Lets see if Apple will support more RAM in 10.9. Or the nearer future.

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ADressable memory is 4TB with 64 OS, the restriction are the used mainboards, mine has an limit of 64GB. The limit has nothing to do with the ability of 64 bit OS mappable memory area. :ugeek:

However there is a builtin restriction on workstation os like windows 8, windows server enterprise doesn’t have this restriction (however to my knowledge there isn’t any mainboard which could hold 4 TB of memory sticks :nerd: )

Im allowed a max of 64gb with my current motherboard (after flashing it) but im pretty sure Carillons newest one goes 92+ :slight_smile:

As far I know server/enterprise boards can use up to 512GB on 16 Banks at this moment.

128GB is what I’ve seen as a DAW.
Would be interesting for us to know if anybody uses more RAM here in the forum…and his experience.

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I hate to correct you about the server Marcus but it’s 768gb max of ram at the moment :wink:

768GB (24x32GB) of RAM :astonished: :astonished:

now if that was a DAW it might just about be able to run 32 tracks of Halion 5 :smiley:

16 gig on OSX 10.8.5 here and I can eat about 14 of it on a big project.

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Oh wait, I better take this one maybe, with up to 1.5 TB RAM in 48 banks…?




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Now that would be some kind of vsti to use up all of that ram lol

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There is no question. This is the funniest thing I have read on Thank you.

According to OWC’s RAM page, OS 10.9 will allow 128GB RAM. Although the (8) 16GB RAM sticks needed to fill a Mac Pro will set you back $1,729. :astonished:

Anyhow, I have 24GB and even a very large Cubase project won’t take up much memory. (Moderate sample libraries - no big orchestral ones. Surround project with tons of tracks, effects, etc…) I’ve also tried loading up Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, etc. all simultaneously to test ram usage and I’ve yet to come close to cracking 12GB. OS X is VERY efficient at managing memory! (which is expected, considering most of Apple’s customers buy laptops/mobile devices)

all the way right increases the pre-load buffer size still streams :frowning:

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“System Cooling: 11 high speed hot-swap redundant 40mm dual rotor fans”
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It’s not only Apple. Windows 7 Home Premium has a 16gb limit (which is why it’s not the best choice for a DAW system.) Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate have a 192 gb limit.

Windows 8, however, has much higher limits, with 128 gb for the basic version and 512 gb for Pro and Enterprise.