How often can I install Dorico 3.5?

I have my copy of Dorico 3.5 installed on the iMac in my studio. Because of a certain global pandemic, I can’t go to the studio as often as I used to, so now I also want to install a copy of Dorico on my (old) laptop. I can’t find anything about a maximum amounts of installs on my license, but just to be sure: is there? I read an earlier thread about it, but that was mostly about the physical e-licensor and I have the online download version.

I hope someone can help me! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can install dorico as many times as you want. Currently only a single license is permitted, however. The way around this is to purchase one of the dongles, move your license to it, and then you can use dorico on any computer you want. I have a dongle and regularly switch between work and home. Please note this predicates having a dongle and once you switch your “soft” license to the dongle, you can’t go back. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully within the year we won’t have to deal with this licensing system at all anymore.

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You can request a reactivation code, which will make the installation on your laptop the ‘authorized’ one.

You can’t use this to switch back and forth repeatedly, but it’s for ‘moving’ your licence to another computer.

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Thanks for the quick replies! Between the dongle and the reactivation code, the dongle sounds like the right tool for the job, since I want to switch between two devices quite a bit.
Have a great easter :smiley: :egg:

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