How often can you update?

Hi there,

I can’t find answer to this simple question anywhere, how often can you update cubase with one dongle?
I’ve been having different updates of Cubase succesfully with my first and one and only dongle. But I was wondering if I can continue this proces forever. This time I’m considering an update from Cubase artist 5 to the full Cubase version 7.5

well im still using my sx3 dongle so …

According to the license agreement, since this isn’t mentioned anywhere, you can update your version of Cubase and use the same dongle you’ve always had until Steinberg feels like you shouldn’t.

EULA Section 2 - 07
“You shall have no further right or interest to use the software other than the limited rights as specified in this Agreement. Steinberg and their suppliers reserve all rights not expressly granted.”

I’ve been on the same dongle since SX, so I guess there’s no limit. If it does stop working, I’m pretty sure you can transfer your licences across.