How often does CB12 call home to check that your license is valid?

I may need to work offline for a while away from home, or have an internet failure.

What happens?

Does CB12 time out after a day/month/immediately if it can’t see the licensing server?


Found my own answer…

“After activation, you can disconnect from the internet altogether if you need to, and run your software indefinitely without reconnecting.”

From: Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

They say once a year but it you need updates or patches then you’ll be connecting anyway .

Also… from the same page…

"### December 15, 2021: Updated licensing terms on “Online Activation”:

Based on the feedback we received from our customers, we have decided to make changes to our initial concept. First, instead of reconnecting to the internet within 30 days, once your software has been activated on your computer, it won’t need to contact our Steinberg Licensing server again for the purposes of activation. Second, we have decided to increase the maximum number of activations from two to three computers per single-user license."

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If this all works as advertised, it is a very good step forward.

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Thanks God for this move, I was personally very pleased by the latest decision and upgraded to 12 very happily. :slight_smile:

Yes. I always dreaded the hassle of my dongle getting stolen.

Although having said that, I still need the dongle for other plugs, and SpectralLayers at this point.

But at least the most expensive dongle app is no longer on the dongle.

So… does that mean it’s like having a “Family License” with Apple software? Or would I be cheating if one install it on a child’s computer, and they both use it at the same time?

(asking for a friend)

I believe it supports up to 3 installations per license, so I assume they would all work concurrently, although I expect the license says that it is officially only supposed to be used by one person, but I haven’t checked that last bit.

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