How on Earth to apply Reverb on an audio track in Cubase Artist 10 ??

Hello folks, how’s life?
Here an unexpected issue. I recently both ‘Cubase Artist 10’ and already did some work with it. But when it came to adding to my audio tracks some EQ and reverb or other effects… I faced an unexpected issue. First, the EQ gives VERY poor or small effect on the audio. Next, I find NOWHERE a Reverb or Delay effect etc. Same for other effects. Am I too new or what happens? I have worked with Cubase since long time - my last version that I know by heart is ‘Cubase SX3’, had all kinds of effects and stuff to add and with high response.
Could anyone give me some hints?
Thanks in advance!

Well… finally I found tutorials made by different people, some good other less good. And some very good. But the pity is that the Cubase manual has no way to find HOW to do things. It usually describes WHAT but not really HOW. It’s always the famous rigid way coming from that part of the world…

And indeed, I obviously need to put time and watch all tutorials, as I’m new to the environment of the CB Artist.
Best vibes.