How proceed when i lost my Usb-eLicenser

Hi, before anything i want to say sorry for my english, i’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently i lost the usb-eLicenser working on a show, before i use it i register the software and the eLicenser, so in the web (mysteinberg) it still there all of it. When i contact to the Local Sellers, they gave me a box with a cd eLicencer with a new USB key. But i don’t know how to pass the software that it is in the last usb to the new one, and let me open the Cubase 7. I have to do it on the web Mysteinber? What should i do?

Anyone can help me please?

You need to contact steinberg support. Since your key is lost, your license is also lost, and it´s Steinberg who decide, if they give you a new license for free, or if you have to buy it yourself.

Did you check if the new USB dongle have a new Cubase license in it?

Ok thanks, i should wait to monday and call to spain or canada for an answer.

Any ideas on securing the dongle, mine was on my key ring, and the loop broke :cry: , fortunately it was in my car seat. Now I am afraid to take it on gigs, they could at least make it out of something that doesn’t wear out so easily.

i have lost mine once in the very beginning i purchased it. Dissapeared on a gig in Brasil.
I got my licenses replaced for free. Best thing to do is going to explain things by phone.
They do not like this kind of situations at all, and you will get a very serious warning.
But for replacing licenses they need at least the info to shoot your previous dongle down if it ever goes online, so if you did not have registered it properly, your licenses are lost in my opinion.
But i am not shure this is a valid method for every country.

loosing a dongle is technically loosing your software.
but loosing a customer is never a good thing for them too, so lets hope you get it solved.

for the other replies: once you go trough this kind of stuff, you will probably for ever be aware of the importance of a dongle. It is like you carkey. What do you do when you loose those. So it is just a getting used to, and i did not loose it ever again, even when i am aware that on gigs all kinds of guys are walking around transporting gear on and off the stage and dropping it somewhere… my laptop will never leave me again no more, certainly not on a stage.

after a while you also see the advantage of that “key”. You just need that to have your licensed situation on any other computer. Installs are not your problem. (more or less, since custom programs are allways to be transported)
That ability is very nice in terms of workflow.

kind regards,