How "Real Time Export" helped identify and correct mixdown problem


I was exporting an audio mixdown (ITB) and the Project kept crashing at exactly the same point in the export – the export would reach 79 per cent (9 seconds remaining) and Cubase would crash (ver Pro 9.0.40). :blush: :cry:

Since the project was loading and playing perfectly, I used “Real Time” export. It crashed again, but I was able to identify the exact bar where the problem occurred.

At and around that measure, I cleaned up some audio track cross fades, applied some real-time processing that was on clips at that section; also, there was a gap of a measure or two at that point in the project, so I made things smoother with the glue tool – connecting a few clips (midi and audio) so there was track container information flowing over the gap.

After that, the project exported without error in both real-time and ITB audio export. :smiley:

This was a project-saving use of Real Time Export and I thought I’d share it here in case anyone runs into a similar problem.


Nice. Thanks for the report.