how Regester Cubase7...!!?

hey guyz…merry christmas…and be happy all the timez…guyz my sister bought cubase 7 such as a gift for me!!!and retail of this cubase is only for u.s.!!! …so what can i do???im in iran!!! and i have many big problem with regester cubase!!!anybody knows how can i regester my cubase???and how bout update and upgrade!!! :cry: thanks im waiting for ur answerz… good luck :slight_smile:

From what this post (From a Steinberg rep) says, you should be able to just click okay in the notification about the license being for USA and download the license y=to you elicenser.
the poat is at

=“Guillermo N”]Hello all,

I can definitively not say or explain why the Cubase 7 US version has been implemented.
But I can help you solve some of the other questions.

That is true, click on ok and the license should download correctly.

The license will be flagged as Cubase 7 US, so even though you transfer the license to a different eLicenser the local distributor will know it was purchased on the US.

Some distributors or local dealers might not want to provide support if you have not purchased the software with them.
Some others might not have a problem with it, as long as you are register in that country. E.g. Australia, Canada.

It does not matter where you have purchase Cubase or if you have a US license, you can always download and install the free maintenance updates.
No matter where you are you can always request support from the Steinberg Headquarters using the Support Request Form on your MySteinberg account or through the official forums.

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Thank u…i will check…by the way i installed my cubase aroundish 1 month ago!!!i can upgrade for free to cubase7.5

new problem!!!!when i open my cubase!!! the loading iz so long!!!and i have an erorr in loading part!!!i cant explain whats the matter !!!but i take many photo from my problemz!!!how can i send the photoz???!!!it stope on the loading part of cubase!!!and that iz "Video service is Cunrently not responsive"there iz  a button "Rebot"and when i click rebot it not be fix!!! the may :my elicence code version is cubase7.5 u.s...not 7!!!!and i go to the the website for download 7.5 u.s...and when i start downloading!!!!it stope and i cant download it!!!my speed download is so slow!!!!meybe the problem r for this matter iz for updating and change it to cubase 7.5!!!!!!!so how can i download new installer without nonstope!!!!