How should a host be notified about parameter list changes from a plugin (eg parameters deleted, added or reordered)


In the IComponentHandler::restartComponent() method there are some flags passed in. Which of the flags is the correct one to determine if the list of parameters changes (e.g by inserting new parameters, deleting old ones or reordering the pramater list)?

Is it kParamTitlesChanged or kReloadComponent? The name kParamTitlesChanged to me just implies the name of a parameter changed but not insertion or removal.

The documentation for kReloadComponent just says “The Component should be reloaded” but what does this actually mean?

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Nicholas Allen

in this case you would use kReloadComponent. This triggers that all information should be revalidated by the host. There’s no single flag for what you want.
But please be aware that deleting parameters may have side-effects like deleted automation.

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Thank you for your response! So I am right that kParamTitlesChanged means the count and order of parameters changed but just the names of the parameters changed right?

I’m actually asking as a host developer (Bitwig Studio) not a plugin developer. We now also take care of parameter deletions that could even be automated.


Yes, kParamTitlesChanged means that only the titles, default values or flags changed, not the count, order or the actual values.