How the !"#¤% do you undo group channels?

Selected a couple of channels and created a group channel. So far so good.

How do I undo this?

If I remove the group channel, all the targets for the channels are removed and I have to manually select each channel and select a target one by one.
You can ungroup channel groups in Ableton Live and Studio One but not in Cubase?!?

Of course if you route several channels to a group and then delete the group, the output of those channels is reset to „no bus“ - you just deleted the routing target, so where from should Cubase know, which destination you want them to go now…? You si,ply have to re-assigne them manually to the desired bus.

I’m sorry but that’s just stupid. Only reason why I delete the group is because there is no ungroup function.

Cubase should keep track of what the targets were before the group was created and set the old targets when group is deleted. Pretty basic if you ask me.

Are you telling me that there is no way to ungroup in Cubase? It’s 2020… It’s like releasing a word processor that doesn’t support different fonts.

Sigh, tempted to make the switch to Studio One…

Seems like such a random thing to get upset about.
It takes seconds to quick-link the channels and chose a desired destination.


Well, If you ask me, no mixer software nor mixing desk should automatically re-route channels / signals to outputs automatically, if I decide to delete its output Routing. Especially given the fact that its volume Level due to the former routing can be totally different, when sent directly to for example the main out.

Quick link the tracks, re-route - done

Sigh, don´t talk so much just do it… :unamused:

Random thing?

We are talking about $600 software that’s been around since Atari ST and it still lacks basic editing options…
Quick link makes it a bit easier but you still have to keep track of what channels were in the group and manually select them.

That’s retarded. Especially when the majority of the other DAWs have elegant solutions to this problem.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Cubase, but the last couple of versions have been bug-riddened and when something as basic as ungroup groups is missing I’m starting to regret my purchase.

The resulting volume level for a channel can easily be calculated and set when ungrouping. That’s what computers are for. If a channel fader is set to -10 dB before the group and the group fader is set to -5 dB then Cubase should automatically set the fader of the previously grouped channel to -15 dB when ungrouping.

Quick link doesn’t solve the problem of manually selecting 45 channels.

If the 45 channels are in a row then select the first, hold shift and select the last and like magic they are all selected. Or maybe if you have organized your tracks in folder tracks you can select all tracks in a folder.

Also its not that simple to calculate volume levels, not only volume faders changes the volume, but also plugins do that.

You ask for ungrouping, but how should Cubase know where you like to send the outputs when you remove it’s routing destination.

Cubase should keep track of what the targets were before the group was created and set the old targets when group is deleted.

Ableton Live and Studio One can handle it.

Disappointed that Cubase can’t.