How the HELL do I install this stuff?!

macOS Mojave, Mac Pro 2010. Just paid big money for GA 5 and the Simon Phillips expansion. Every time I enter my activation code it says there’s no eLicencer available. Supposedly there’s a way to use a soft eLicencer on my computer, but NONE of the support pages tell me how to do this. So I can’t install the expensive stuff I just bought.

How does this work??

PS, some people get confused that the Download Assistant might ask for a ‘download code’ which is different from the license registration code.

If you got the product as a download, check the email they sent with the links and codes carefully in case there is more than one code involved.

First you get the Download Assistant running, and set up a My Steinberg account (if you are on this forum you likely already have one, and eLisencer will communicate with it and keep up with your registered products). It might ask for a code to download some products. That code could be different from the code you enter to ‘register’ the software (I remember getting slightly confused about this when I purchased the Phillips Jazz Drum library).

Next you run the installers. Those should make sure eLisencer management software is installed. GA will have a main program, and also a number of content files.

Finally, you open eLisencer and get it all registered.

That did it, thank you. This software isn’t exactly intuitive to use. Hopefully these samples sound so good it’s worth the headache!

Well now we have another problem. I cannot get Groove Agent to appear in the Logic plugins.

This has been one expensive disaster.

Not sure where AU plugins go on a Mac. If you know, check that directory. If it’s not there for some reason, run the installer again and see if there might not be an ‘option’ that needs to be checked to get the AU version in addition to the VST versions.

Hopefully not!
It’ pretty similar to other MPC style software. Much easier to use in some respects, not as easy in some, etc. I’ve never tried in another tracking DAW, but it’s really nice in the Cubase environment. I’ve used it in scoring software like Dorico/Sibelius/Finale purely to get at nice drum kits (not using the grooves and stuff there).

That’s just it. The plug-in file is in the correct directory and I’ve forced Logic to re-scan all plugins. It simply will not appear in Logic or the plugin manager.

I really want this to work out. I’ve been saving for these Simon Phillips sounds for a while and now all my hopes and dreams are crumbling.

Is there a way to extract the sounds from the packs? I will hand write an SFZ instrument if I have to.

I wish I could be more helpful, but I know next to nothing about Macs. In PC world a ‘reboot’ after installing things sometimes sorts a lot of issues…not sure if that’s helpful at all in Mac World though.

This should be working for you, there’s something we’re missing is all. Could be something on the Logic end. Could be something on the GA end. Hang in there.

I’ll do some searching and see if I can turn up anything that looks helpful. Meanwhile, go ahead and do a support ticket through your Stienberg Account.

As for exporting the samples. Some you can, but not the Simon Phillips Jazz kit ones. At least not directly. They’re stashed away in locked layers of VSTsound files.

Some kits that come with GA have unlocked samples that can be exported directly, while others do not.

You CAN resample though. It’d be a drawn out laborious process without a DAW that supports instant render though. In Cubase you could resample a kit in just a few minutes (make a MIDI track real quickly that plays all the kit pieces at different velocities, play/record with the DAW, then slice and dice the track, export the samples, etc…but it’s kind of pointless…if it were working well enough to ‘efficiently’ resample the kits, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Some links that might be useful:

Not sure which version of Mac OS you run. They have a number of links on compatibility for the different OSes on the support site.

I know you just installed one, but it never hurts to reinstall eLisencer, make sure it’s the latest, and run maintenance.

This might be helpful?

Sorry, I’m just guessing now. File a support ticket if these things don’t get you sorted, or someone better with Macs doesn’t come along.

Brian, I really appreciate your prompt replies on this. Some combination of rescans and reboots finally got it to show up and now everything is ready to rock and roll. Literally.

Thank you again. I’m super excited. I’ve wanted these drum sounds for a LONG time.