How this rest is in the voice one?

I have a note in triple and bass set to voice one, And the hole note in the bottom set to the voice 2. Now the rest is showing in the voice one !!

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Voice numbering is staff specific. You’ve cross staffed the first three triplet eighths down from the top staff to the bottom staff.

The half rest presumably belongs to the top staff…

I want to fix it How
Like this one

Select the whole bar and go Edit > Remove rests.

Do go View > Note and rest colours > Voice colors, in order to get a better grasp of which notes and rests belong to which voice. I suspect you’re using more voices than you need.

If you input all the music on the bottom staff, then cross the notes you want to appear on the top staff, that might well handle it all automatically anyway. Make sure you cross the notes in beats 2-4, don’t move them.