How to 2 MIDI Controllers to One Instrument?

I’d like to setup a MIDI instrument track limited to two instruments, in this case a keyboard and a breath controller.
How to do it?

Settting it to “All” won’t work, as then it receives from my other keyboard too used for a different instrument.

Create Two Instrument Tracks and put both in Monitor and/or Record.

Use a Multi-timbral synth (HSSE) with different patches in “slots” 1 and 2 and assign both to the same MIDI Channel. (You may, then, want to have the Audio Outputs routed to individual outputs in the Project, but the MIDI for both parts will be on one track).

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Another way would be to set the breath controller and keyboard to be In ‘All MIDI’ (Studio Setup>MIDI Port Setup) and set the second keyboard to to not be In ‘All MIDI’.

Then, of course, route the the inputs accordingly back in the Project page.

Hmm… I tried ‘duplicate track’ for VSTs seems to work but…

Looks like I need to add more detail. I’m using an external rack sound module here.

Doesn’t appear to work for that.

The ‘all midi’ thing works, thankfully, though it would be nice to have it actually be ‘all’ rather than limited to 2 devices.

I am wondering why with an ‘external plug-in’ I can’t set it to be two devices with two tracks like I can with software plugins?

Is there some way to setup external plugins to change that?

Thanks for the help!

If the external device is multi-timbral you should be able to have it respond on 16 MIDI channel. Beyond that you’d need some kind of multi-port MIDI patch bay. In my older MIDI rigs I used multi-port MIDI interfaces, but I’ve never tried that kind of rig in Cubase.

Cubase does have support for a good number of keyboards and devices.