[HOW TO] A way to import multiple sounds for saving into MB?

Hi guys, I really hope there is a solid answer to the following…

I have cataloged a bunch of my sounds into the Cubase 6 mediabay for previewing in real time with a playing project. Great. Only problem is, it only plays back sounds from the originally recorded note. I cannot preview the sounds at different notes in real time with while the project plays back, for that I need the Sound Browser. The Sound Browser will allow me to play sounds at different notes via my external controller or the virtual keyboard. The Sound Browser only plays back VST Preset files, not raw WAV files like the Mediabay does. The Dilemma? I have the sounds I want to preview in the wrong format for real time transposed previewing. They are WAV and not VST Preset. I need a way to get my WAV files into VST Preset files so I can do as requesting above.

Is there a way to bulk import a bunch of samples at one time into Halion 4 and have them convert into VST Preset files for viewing within both Halion 4 and Cubase 6’s Mediabay for previewing via an external controller from the Sound Browser? I have tried to drag and drop from one media bay into another and no go. I have tried dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer into the H4 Mediabay and no go.

I have a whole wack load of synth stabs, single notes in WAV, that I would like turned into Halion 4 presets for previewing. I cannot find a quick and easy way to do. I have been fooling with CTRL + I to get the import samples dialog from within Halion 4 which allows me to choose the sounds I want and choose the fantastic key range option of root key fill center. This is fantastic for getting a single synth stab to map across the entire keyboard for tranposed playing. Problem is, can this only be done one at a time?! I have hundreds upon hundreds of these sounds, surely this can be done in bulk? I have tried selecting multiple files to import at once but it puts them all under the same program, mapped across they keyboard the same, so playing a note has 5 sounds play at once! :unamused:

Please, if anyone can help me convert my massive WAV synth stab collection into fully keyboard mapped VST preset files for use in Halion 4, please, please, please help me out. Dealing with Halion 4 for importing and converting sounds has been such a drag. Nothing is quick, easy and done in bulk, everything is a one at a time adventure, one I would rather not embark on any further.

I would appreciate ANY feedback on this. Thanks!

25 views, not a whole lot, but no hells ya, I agree with this, or a workaround?

If there is any way to get my WAV samples quickly imported, mapped and saved as a VST preset besides the dreaded one by one method, please let me know, Steinberg?