How to abruptly cut off sound after an echo effect

I want to make my own drum track to go along with one solid chord on keyboard. The drum track has stereo delay so that each drum beat is echoed just a bit. It sounds so good! :slight_smile:

However, after 3 bars of keyboard and echoing drum beats, i want both the keyboard and drums to come to an abrupt halt at the beginning of the 4th bar. How can I do this? Is it possible?

You can use an automation lane and just mute those tracks at the beginning of the 4th bar by placing a mute automation event at that point in the automation lane.

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Oh my, I have no idea what any of this means!
Automation lane? Umm… I will have to learn about this on Youtube

Automation is a really useful and fundamental concept to learn, so it will be time well spent to study it. Good luck!

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You can set the track to write the automation (the W button on the track), then just bypass the delay plugin while the track plays and it will write an automation point. It’s a simple On/Off automation, so you can then just drag the point to the place you want to kill the Delay and that works great! It’s how I always do it.

omg i love it!! Automation, I am your biggest fan :stuck_out_tongue:

So glad you discovered automation! It’s a super flexible and creative tool that I’m sure you’ll be using for years to come.

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check out how i just made the organ swell with the automation tips you all gave me :slight_smile: seriously, you guys get like, 1,000,000 Cubase points