How to access Sequel 2 Content Set from Cubase 5 LE

I have had Cubase LE 5 working with a download licence for a week or so on Windows XP. I bought a Sequel 2 Sound set (Symphonic), which I downloaded, installed and added to my licence successfully. Now how do I access the sounds in Cubase 5 LE? The sound set was supposed to include a sample project which I believe can be opened in Cubase 5 but I have no idea where it is. In the folder I installed the Sound Set into, I see a VST Sounds folder and a .vstsound file of about 500MB, (as well as a shortcut to that file) so it looks like the installation worked but I have no idea how to open that file in Cubase 5. I also see a new folder under my Cubase installation named Sequel 2 content set, but it is empty. I have tried re-installing a few times but it doesn’t seem to help. So what do I need to do to use the Sequel 2 sounds in Cubase 5, as is advertized on the Stienberg site?

LE versions don’t support the content. The VST Sound files are additional content for Halion.