How to accomplish loudness change in a certain area?

Hello, I have a question regarding a kind of loudness changing, which isn’t explained in the Elements 9 user manual and I want to explain my difficulties as follows:

There are 5 measures. The 1st one has loudness piano, the 2nd one mezzo-forte, the 3rd one forte, the 4th one mezzo-forte again and the 5th one piano again.

So there is a crescendo at first, which is followed by a decrescendo. But now the loudness of all that 5 measures shall be increased as follows:

The 1st measure has loudness mezzo-forte, the 2nd one forte, the 3rd one fortissimo, the 4th one forte again and the 5th one mezzo-forte again.

So the loudness of all measures is increased, but nevertheless crescendo and decrescendo are maintained.

How to do that in Elements 9 respectively in other Cubase editions? There isn’t any explanation at all in the user manual. Thank you very much for helping me out!

I would make the crescendos and decrescendos with velocity ramps and then control the loudness with volume control.

Thanks, I’ll read about that in the manual at first.