How to achieve a line graphics under the title

Hello, often I’ve find that some books page scores have a line under the title text.
In my word application I have made the attached example. Anybody can tell me how to achieve this in Dorico? At the moment this seems possible only importing a line image in Dorico without the possibility to stretch or change size and fatness.
Please let me know If there are alternatives in Dorico.
Thanks guys :wink:


I do this by adding a text frame that’s “flat” i.e. the bottom of the frame is in-line with (or very close to) the top of the frame, and add a border to the text frame - iirc that was a tip from Daniel Spreadbury, and it works very well. If this is in a master page, obviously add the frame to the master page :slight_smile:

Great Tip Lillie, I’ll try as soon as possible. The Master page forever :smiley: Many thanks :wink: