How to achieve a similar guitar sound like "Anna Sun" song

Hi everyone, I round my head trying to figure out the best way to achieve the guitar sound in Walk The Moon’s “Anna Sun”

I’m talking about the guitar that sounds for the first time in the second 25

Since I’m without my guitar for at least one more week I’m kind of figure out all theoretically first, but I wasn’t able to resist post about it.

I think the sound is similar to the one used by Of Monsters and Men’s “king and Lionheart” at minute 1:23

Cheers! :mrgreen:

If you can, go with single coil pickups, a lot of short delay with the feedback set fairly high, then going into a plate (or pan reverb) set to a long decay time. A Hall verb would probably get the job done as well. Fender blackface amp would probably be the best choice.

If you’re doing it entirely in Cubase, I’d say to load the VST Amp Rack with the Clean Compressor preset. Add a delay stomp pedal there and set the delay time fairly short (around 100ms), Feedback 50, mix 50. For even more cavernous sound, add another stop with the tape delay, but set it around 300ms, 50, 50. Go to the post effects and turn the Hall reverb mix up. For more drive, consider switching to the Deluxe Amp (or personally I’d say duplicate the track, set one Blackface, set one to Deluxe).

Processing-wise in Cubase, drop out a lot of the low end (in the EQ shelf it out), add a tube type compressor (personally I use the Nomad Blue Tubes, but I think you could get a very similar sound with the Tube Compressor or the Vintage Compressor directly in Cubase), a little brickwall limiter at the end just to make sure things don’t go over and you’re set. Hope this helps!

wow, thanks a lot for the detail answer.

currently I’m using a fender blacktop with HH pick ups, but I have an old and kind of crappy telecaster as soon as I have access to them I will try what you recommend (bot with only Cubase processing and with external guitar fxs)


Tele would be a good call. The blacktop might get close as well, try setting it to the middle pickup position. Might have to roll off some more bass in the amp settings and possible bring down your guitar volume so it doesn’t overdrive too fast.

a bit of crunch,treble pickup ,you could try record on a stereo track and put a bit of stereo chorus on an insert see how it sounds and delay and reverb to taste . chopping out chunks of certain frequencys helps to stop this type of sound dominating the mix also ,if there are vocals, cymbal crashes, snare and hi hat and bass and keys let them dominate the guitar when they happen because this type of guitar sound is big enough and cuts through even when its pushed back ,i find it appears bigger then. hope im not talking out of the back of my neck.