How to activate my Spectralayers

I will be honest, haven’t seen the worse activation process in my life. Steinberg, you are terrible.
I use Samplitude for the last 16 years, and as part of a bundle I have Spectralayers Pro 8 and 9.
Now - how do I activate my licenses? Steinberg Activation Manager doesn’t have the option to actiavte it, and it leads to a Steinberg website (how stupid it is) where there is no option either!
So, what to do?

What bundle?

Spectralayers Pro8 are part of Samplitude ProX6.
Spectralayers Pro9 and upgrade to 10 are part of Samplitude ProX8.
I have separate licences for these.

Do you have a download access code? I recall that’s what you enter into the Download Assistant and whatever account you’re logged into (MySteinberg) at the time is what gets the license.

I don’t use a download assistant. Spectralayers 8 is installed and 9 as well.
I want to register the software with Activation manager but there is no option there.
I was already using 8 but now it also requires registration, what a mess.

If I remember correctly (I’m currently sick so my brain is dumber than usual) it activated automatically for me when booting the software. I think there’s a setting somewhere that says to activate the software automatically when you start it up. I think you just have to be signed into the correct Steinberg account to make sure there’s no problem when you do.

And registration for me followed the purchase / activation of it. So it showed up in the MySteinberg account that I was logged into when I started SL the first time with the option to automatically activate it with the logged in account.

If you didn’t get a download access code, what did you get?

Thanks. It appears I needed to install the download assistant, and elicenser and activation manager. Crazy.
From Magix I got the registration codes.
Now I use Spectralayers Pro 10

eLicenser is no longer required.

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Installing and running Steinberg Download Assistant will install all the other components.

The current system is a bit messy, but Steinberg has said they will continue to clean it up. A Steinberg staff member has mentioned that there is a plan to integrate the Steinberg shop into the My Steinberg ecosystem. Eventually, eLicenser will go away; it is still needed for some licences that are yet to migrate and for legacy licences, but things keep moving on.

Thanks. In my profile it’s still visible, and there is no way to know the difference between ELicenser and License Manager.
But what is more confusing and amateur, this activation manager doesn’t have any option to manage anything

What would you like to manage in the Activation Manager? It does exactly what it is supposed to do, it shows your licenses and it allows to activate and deactivate.

It exactly doesn’t allow me to activate anything. I had to re-download all Spectralayers, reinstall even the new ones, the manager couldn’t do anything even if I’ve had already installed versions 8 and 9 on my computer. In order to register all of my software I had to reinstall it through download manager. What a mess :joy:

That is definitely not required.

That was ways too much and absolutely not required. SpectraLayer 9 was already using the Activation manager since June 2022. So you had everything you needed.

All you had to do was to enter the download access code, that you probably received, in the download assistant. All the rest is then done automatically, reinstallation is clearly not required.

What you need to do in the Activation manager is to login to your mySteinberg account, so that it can synchronize with the license management. That’s all and you clearly did that before, because you said you were using SpectraLayer 9 already.

No no.
I use Spectralayers in Samplitude. I’ve had Spectralayers 8 which came with Samplitude Pro X6. No problem. Entered the code long time ago.
Than Steinberg obviously changed the whole method of authorization.
Than I upgraded my Samplitude to X8 which also comes with Spectralayers 9 with the option to upgrade for free to 10.
So I have installed also Spectralayers 9. And than installed this software which has no functionality, meaning Activation Manager. And couldn’t register my Spectralayers 9 there, because the manager doesn’t have any functionality exept leading to a website LOL. There is no option there. And this activity also broke my registration of Spectralayers 8, which was already registered years ago, but now wanted this Authorization. And my code for Spectralayers 8 was nowhere to be seen on Steinberg. Now both required registration which couldn’t be performed ANYWHERE.
So I’ve had to install another software, Download Manager, which reinstalled all of my Spectralayers including 8, and allowing me to register my software there. Without activation manager.
This is the biggest piece of horrible experience I’ve had in a long time. Even Waves does it much better. This Steinberg is a mess. Hopefully this is the only time I touch this “software”.

I think you should really be blaming Magix for not giving you the correct process for updating and authorisation, after all you are a Magix customer ,not a Steinberg customer ,as you keep saying you use Sampletude and you are not aware of the Steinberg NEW ecosystem so i would mention this to Magix as this is their short coming , not Steinbergs


So it is as @FilterFreq says, you should talk to Magix and tell them that they left you in the dust, because they didn’t tell you what had changed in the integrated Steinberg products. Steinberg is not responsible to figure out customers of other companies and tell them what they need to do.

So here is the point where Magix miserably failed. With SpectraLayers 9 the system changed and they left you in nowhere land.

Talk to them.

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I I’ve already talked to them. Thank you.
However, the system here is messy. Activation manager which doesn’t do anything? Nonsense.

Not sure what you expect Activation Manager to do : it allows you to activate and deactive on a specific computer the licenses that you have on your Steinberg account.
Adding a new license to your Steinberg account is done on your Steinberg account, and the Activation Manager can send you there in one click as well.

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It is a basic fact that the older you get ,the less you like change or learning something new , i believe this falls into this category due to the fact of 10’s of thousands of Happy Steinberg users can figure it out and get on getting on ,if it was defunked we would all be here ranting just like you .
The activation manager does precisely what it says , nothing more ,nothing less , it’s all about being use of the ecosystem or the willingness to learn

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Funny comment.
It has nothing to do with my ability to learn. Steinberg software management is just built without any logic, and this “manager” without the ability to simply register my code is a perfect example of that.