How to activate Nuendo 12 which is upgraded from Nuendo 11 (crossgrade from cubase)

Dear users and steinberg support team,

I cannot activate Nuendo 12 updated Nuendo 11 crossgrade from Cubase 10.

How could I activate it?

I only see Nuendo 12 demo activation in the “Steinberg Activation Manager”,

and the Nuendo 12 which I updated from Nuendo 11 CG from Cubase is not in the “Steinberg Activation Manager”. I do not have USB-dongle. How can I activate Nuendo 12 without USB-dongle? What should I do?

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The Steinberg Online Support team says I should contact Yamaha Music Korea. So, I contacted Yamaha Music Korea and gave all my receipts:

  1. Cubase.
  2. Crossgrade to Nuendo 11.
  3. Upgrade to Nuendo 12.

Yamaha Korea is still waiting for an answer from Steinberg. It takes too long…

Well, I’m confused.

If you don’t have a USB-eLicenser with the required license activated, the Nuendo 12 update has nothing to “see” and is not going to work.

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Question: How did you run Cubase 10 and then Nuendo 11, without the license dongle? They needed that to run.

I have never launched them. I just purchased them during the sale events to save money. I used Nuendo when studying electroacoustic composition at my university; for me, it was better than ProTools TDM. Today I got an e-mail from Steinberg, and they resolved my problem! Thank you, Steinberg; thank you @Scab_Pickens and @noeqplease, for your kind answers!


Problem solved, so I’ll close this.