How to activate piano keyboard in MIDI editor window

In my Cubase MIDI editor windows, I have “Acoustic Feedback” activated in the toolbar, and when I click on a note, my VSTi plays the note, so I hear a sound.

But when I click on the piano keyboard in the display - IE I use my mouse to click on the vertical piano keyboard control in the MIDI Editor - there’s no sound. This happens whether or not the VSTi is set to monitor, or is armed to record.

I’m sure I should be able to get this to work, and I want to use it to play/preview notes… can anyone tell me how to activate it?


AFAIK the piano keyboard is usually always active. What VSTi are you using? What kind of track is the event on - VSTi track or MIDI track?

Hi there

Thanks for the answer!

I experience this problem in MIDI and Instrument tracks. The example I’m testing right now is an Instrument track with Steinberg Retrologue, but the problem also affects NI Kontakt 5 (with Grandeur piano library loaded)… and I’ve tested a MIDI track routed into Retrologue too.

I’ve just now confirmed:

In a MIDI editor window, I select the DRAW tool. When I click on the MIDI grid to draw a note, the VSTi is triggered and the note is drawn - great. When I click on the vertical piano keyboard panel, the key I click changes shade, but the VSTi does not play.

The same thing happens with the SELECT tool, using the ALT key modifier to draw notes: if I draw a note, or click an existing note on the grid, the VSTi sounds just fine. But if I click on the piano keyboard, although the relevant key’s highlighted, there’s no sound from the VSTi.

Hope that helps!

in Cubase prefs, “MIDI ->MIDI thru active” was DISABLED. When I enable it, the piano keyboard in the MIDI key editor starts working. That’s a gotcha!