How to add 1 bar of a different time signature within a Cubase project

I’ve been writing a new song in Cubase 11 Elements and it’s in 4/4 time, but I need to change 1 bar (measure) in the song to 2/4 time to make it flow better. Is it possible to change the time signature within a Cubase project, and if so how? I can only see how to change the time signature of the entire song, but not sure about individual bars or sections within a song.

You can change the time signature in the Tempo Track Editor:

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Unfortunately for @nksoloproject this is only available on Pro & Artist, not Elements.

I don’t think there is a good way to do this in Elements. Maybe change the whole piece to 2/4 and all the “4/4 bars” are really 2 bars long.

Are you sure?
In addition to C11 pro, I also installed C11 Elements on my PC. Why? So that I can check my own answers here in the forum :wink:. I took my screenshot above with Elements :face_with_monocle:
It is true that there are no tempo and time signature tracks in Elements.
But the Tempo Editor windows is available.

Yeah, I was just going off the absence of a Sig Track.

That’s interesting. Seems like the Tempo Editor provides all (most?) of the functionality of a Tempo & Signature Tracks. Wonder why they didn’t just include the Track types in Elements?

I asked myself the same :thinking:
Anyway, Artist and definitely Pro have a few additional functions. E.g. you can also edit the click pattern in the time signature track and change it during the project. You can switch between several versions. The tempo calculation and the tempo recording are missing in Elements, …

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried editing the time signature in the Tempo Track window, however it changes the time signature for the whole song. Is there a way to do it for just one bar? Do I need to highlight that bar somehow?

TimeSignatur Cubase Elements11

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Hi thanks for the detailed reply. However, I now have another problem - the time signature is not displaying. In your screenshots, it displays in the top left, but it is not there in my tempo track for some reason, as you can see in this screenshot…

The time signature only appears at the position where it is defined or changed. So at the beginning of the song and later at the points where the time signature changes.

What happens when you click in the marked position with the pen tool?

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Thank you, I tried using the pen tool and it works now :slight_smile: