How to add 16 midi channels to vst starting midi 1 ch1

How to add 16 midi channels to halion sonic vst track starting at “Ch.1 named midi 01” instead of “Ch.2 midi 01”. How to start both at 1

Does someone know?


Are you talking about MIDI Tracks routed to the Instrument Track? Which Cubase version do you use, please?

Yes! I mean those directly routes when adding midi tracks when a instrument is selected so they are directly routed to a instrument track.
I use C12pro


Unfortunately this is not possible in Cubase 12. The easiest way is to add all 16 MIDI tracks and then delete the 1st one, with MIDI Channel 1. I expect, you want to use the Instrument track for the 1st MIDI Channel, right?

In Cubase 13, you can set the MIDI Channel directly in the Add Track dialog. So you can set MIDI Channel 2 so Cubase starts cound from 2.

Thanks man! I thought I once created a work around myself but forgot. (I stopped this hobby for a while).
I look forward my C13 copy!!